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Study: 33% Of Fast Food Packages May Contain Potentially Harmful Grease-Blocking Chemicals

When you grab a burger, a cookie, or a cup of coffee from a local fast food establishment, you know that it’s not necessarily the healthiest nutritional choice, but you don’t assume that the companies behind the meals use packaging that may leach harmful chemicals into your food. Yet a recent study of fast food wrappers shows that a surprising number contain a potentially harmful chemical. [More]


Food Scientists Working On Edible Alternative To Plastic Wrap

In the future, instead of throwing away plastic packaging and film covering our food, we might just eat it. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture are working on a few alternatives to plastic wrap, including an edible film that’s also biodegradable. [More]

This KFC Box Will Also (Slightly) Charge Your iPhone

This KFC Box Will Also (Slightly) Charge Your iPhone

Do you often have to make the decision between going out for fast food fried chicken and charging your phone? Thanks to this new-fangled box from KFC, you may never have to make the choice between greasy fingers and updating your Instagram. [More]

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Campbell Soup Company Will Switch To All BPA-Free Packaging By 2017

Bisphenol-A, commonly referred to as “BPA,” is a chemical that’s a common component of plastics, existing in everything from the thermal paper receipts are printed on to the linings of metal cans. Four years ago, the Campbell Soup Company, a major seller of things in cans, promised to remove the controversial subtance from its product packaging, and announced that it will phase the substance out by the middle of next year. [More]


Someone Worked Very Hard To Make That “Natural” Piece Of Lunch Meat Look Imperfect

If it looks natural, and its packaging seems sort of natural does that mean it actually is a natural food? Maybe, maybe not: food companies are on a new mission these days to at least mimic natural foods even if their products are processed. It’s the art of imperfection, and it isn’t easy, apparently, to look so rough. [More]

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Congress To Once Again Consider Legislation That Would Ban BPA From Food Packaging

Bisphenol-A (better known as BPA) is a chemical used in all manner of food packaging, in spite of numerous studies linking BPA to everything from increased risks of certain cancers to diabetes, reproductive abnormalities, heart disease, and maybe even childhood obesity. Since the FDA has decided there still wasn’t enough science to ban BPA from food packaging (though it later hedged on this ruling and banned BPA from baby bottles), lawmakers in Congress are having another go at a legislative effort to limit the use of BPA. [More]

Consumer Reports Pits Pretty Food Packaging Picture Against Paltry Reality

Consumer Reports Pits Pretty Food Packaging Picture Against Paltry Reality

We’ve all fallen for it before: Cruising down the grocery aisle, deciding what to pick when suddenly, there it is — a box bearing a beautifully shot photo of a tantalizing snack, delicious gourmet dish or some other form of tempting cuisine. That fantasy can come crashing down, as plenty of customers have complained to our hardworking siblings at Consumer Reports that the packaging on many products just doesn’t live up to the reality. [More]