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McDonald’s Now Threatening To Sneak Into Your Kitchen, Steal Your Food

McDonald’s Now Threatening To Sneak Into Your Kitchen, Steal Your Food

Five years ago, we warned you that before long, “artisanal” would become the new “organic,” and companies would adopt it in their marketing. The prediction came true, and companies like McDonald’s and Arby’s are advertising “artisan” mass-produced meat products. In advertising their artisan grilled chicken products, McDonald’s may be taking their “we use real food, honest” thing a little too far. [More]


Non-Vegan Fake Mozzarella Cheese And 3 Other Foods That Should Not Exist

Who would eat blueberry cereal that contains no blueberries? What about onion rings that aren’t made of onions? We live in a sad world where non-dairy (but not vegan) imitation mozzarella cheese shreds haunt our grocery aisles, and Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake syrup contains no butter. [More]

World's Oldest Hamburger

Mummified McDonald’s Burger Found In Closet, Still Looks Edible

What happens if you forget about a fast-food meal for a decade and a half? Visually, not a whole heck of a lot. A Utah man set out to show his friends that a burger would remain unchanged if it sat around for a few weeks. The onions and pickle shriveled a little bit, but that was all. Six years later, the family moved and found the burger stuffed in a coat pocket. It looked pretty much the same. Now, seven years after that, it pretty much looks the same. Does that tell us anything about fast food, though? Not really. [More]


Share the gift of orange pasta! For every click on their “Share A Little Comfort” site, Kraft will donate ten boxes of Macaroni and Cheese to Feeding America (previously known as Second Harvest.) One click per person per day up to 1 million boxes, etc. There are also coupons on the site. [Kraft]