Arby’s Tries To Class Itself Up With Test Of Grilled “Artisan Melts”

arbysartisanmelts-thumbI don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “artisan,” my mind automatically turns not to sepia-toned photos of craftspersons putting their passion into creating something you can’t get elsewhere, but to a chain of roast beef restaurants with more than 3,000 that is owned by a private equity firm. Thank goodness, some Arby’s are helping to make my vision of artisan foods a reality with a test of mass-produced sandwiches with grill marks on them.

BrandEating reports that Arby’s customers in Evansville, IN, are getting the chance to try out these new “Artisan Melts,” a name that is at best 50% accurate.

“Arby’s is committed to an ever evolving, collaborative and innovative approach to product innovation and R&D,” a rep for the company tells BrandEating, explaining that there are no current plans to expand this test beyond the Evansville market. “This is simply a test of new operational processes and equipment.”

These sandwiches might be good — heck, they might even be great — but could the food marketing hivemind agree to press pause on using “artisan” for at least a few months?

[via Eater]

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