McDonald’s Tries To Healthy-Up The McMuffin With “Egg White Delight”

Since the dawn of Yuppies, people have been asking for egg-white omelets and other egg-white only options for their breakfasts. It took a while, but McDonald’s is finally dipping its toes into the egg white water with tests of something called the Egg White Delight.

According to, it’s the same as the chain’s regular Egg McMuffin — same English muffin, same cheese, same Canadian bacon — but with its egg center being made with only egg whites. The result is a drop in calories from 300 to 260. We’re assuming there should be a decrease in fat/cholesterol, but that info is not yet currently available.

The item is being sold for $1 at McDonald’s in Austin and Atlanta, while the company — coming off its first sales downturn since the Mesozoic Era — mulls over a nationwide rollout in 2013.

If any readers in Austin or Atlanta happen to try the Egg White Delight, we’d love to hear how it compares to the original and, more importantly, see a photo to compare it to the image shown above. As always, we can be contacted at

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