Stealing Five Tons Of Glacier Ice Isn't Going To Help The Planet Or Make Your Cocktails Better

Global warming is already a dangerous enemy of glaciers, and now those ice behemoths have another, even more direct human adversary. A man in Chile was arrested on suspicion of stealing about 5.5 tons of ice from a glacier so he could make fancy ice cubs for cocktails at bars and restaurants.

The Guardian says the pilfered ice was taken from the Jorge Montt glacier in the Patagonia region of Chile. That glacier is already retreating at a fast enough pace to worry climate change scientists, at a rate of half a mile a year.

The suspect was found with a refrigerated truck containing the estimated $6,000 or in ice, bound for capital city Santiago to carve out designer ice cubes for cocktails. Because you know, every cube looks so different. He’s been charged with theft, as well as violation of national monuments.

With the world’s glaciers already shrinking at a rapid pace, threatening life as we know, how’s about we don’t help them out anymore, fella. Even those who don’t think climate change and the resulting loss of ice at the polar caps is the fault of humans can’t argue with this one.

Glacier thief arrested in Chile [The Guardian]

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