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Carnival Might Delay First Trips To Cuba

Carnival Might Delay First Trips To Cuba

Less than a month after Carnival Cruise Line received the official go-ahead for crises from the United States to Cuba, the company’s May start date could be delayed.  [More]

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Carnival Must Upgrade Ships, Pay $350K After Disability Violations

Ships operated by the world’s largest cruise provider are about to become more easily accessible for passengers with disabilities, as Carnival Corp. and the Department of Justice reached an agreement to resolve an investigation into complaints that the cruise line failed to adequately provide accommodations for those with disabilities.  [More]

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Carnival Cruise Ship Sailing Toward Cuba Next Spring

If visiting the Dominican Republic on Carnival’s latest Fathom cruise line for a few days of volunteer work didn’t seem like the right fit for you, there’s now another island option: Cuba. [More]

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The Poop Cruise Ship Sails Again: First Two Triumph Voyages Are Sold Out

What is it about poop-filled hallways and sewage slushies that has somehow become appealing? The world may never know, but despite the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph’s reign as the Poop Cruise, it’s set to sail the high seas again with its first two voyages completely sold out. Yeah, we know — what in the what? [More]

In Wake Of Poop Cruises, Senator Calls For Passenger Bill Of Rights

In Wake Of Poop Cruises, Senator Calls For Passenger Bill Of Rights

After last month’s “poop cruise” disaster on the stranded Carnival Triumph, one lawmaker is asking for the travel industry to police itself and create a standard passenger bill of rights so consumers know what is expected — and what forms of redress are available — when things go wrong. [More]

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Nothing Like A 2-Hour Bus Ride After Spending Days Adrift On Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship

Passengers aboard what has been described as a hot, smelly ship will finally arrive on dry land in Mobile, Ala. sometime tonight after days on the stranded Carnival Triumph. But alas, there won’t be rest for the weary just yet. Despite the mayor of Mobile noting that his city also has hotels, passengers will either board a bus for a two-hour ride to New Orleans or a more than 7-hour ride to Galveston or Houston, Texas.