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Poop Cruise is back in the news.

33 “Poop Cruise” Passengers Want Carnival To Fork Over $5K Per Month Each For Life

A group of 33 passengers who were on the ill-fated “Poop Cruise” last year — also known as the Carnival ship Triumph — have been in court suing the cruise line and are now asking the company to shell out $5,000 in damages per person, every month for the rest of their lives. [More]

This logo haunts our dreams.

Carnival Cancels Additional Cruises Aboard Infamous ‘Poop Cruise’ Ship

The Carnival Triumph will be forever tied to the infamous “poop cruise,” that left passengers and crew stranded off the Yucitan Peninsula. And now it will be a little longer before passengers board that ship, cautiously checking every corner to make sure it’s been thoroughly scrubbed down. [More]

Here we go, again.

Another Carnival Cruise Ship Is In Trouble And Guess What? Toilets Are Overflowing

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. Perhaps Carnival learned its lesson from Triumph, because the cruise line is reportedly going to fly passengers of the Dream home from the Caribbean after the ship suffered a generator failure. [More]

Poop Cruise is over but not forgotten.

Another Poop Cruise Lawsuit Pops Up Seeking Class Action Status Against Carnival

We know you’ve been wondering why this week has felt so empty, bleak and desolate. That’s probably because we haven’t had much Poop Cruise news to report lately, but today is your lucky day: A couple is suing for their bad time onboard the Carnival Triumph and seeking class action status to include the other 3,000 or so unlucky souls aboard the sloshy sewage-filled boat. [More]

Triumph's best cruise formalwear

A Carnival Triumph Passenger Has Filed A Lawsuit Already: Also, An Apology

We would like to take a moment to apologize to you, our audience. A reader has brought to our attention that in our coverage of the Carnival Triumph disaster, have repeatedly used the words “triumph” and “poop” in close proximity to each other without once making a reference to Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. [More]

The Triumph fire has now ruined vacation plans for thousands of additional Carnival customers.

Carnival Triumph Poop Cruise Passengers Reach Land Safely; Rescue Bus Breaks Down

If you were one of the passengers on the Carnival Triumph Poop Cruise, how could things possibly get worse? When passengers disembarked from the crippled ship at the port of Mobile, they got a hug and a ride from their loved ones right from Mobile, or climbed on buses bound for Galveston, Texas or New Orleans. After days stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, what the passengers needed was another travel delay. That’s what they got when one of those buses broke down. Well, at least this time they were stranded on land. [More]

(Passenger Kaitlyn Robertson)

Carnival Triumph Tow Rope Breaks, Prolongs Passengers’ Misery

The passengers of the Carnival Triumph (probably) never imagined that they’d get to extend their trip by several days. They certainly didn’t picture themselves living like 19th-century steerage passengers, if 19th-century steerage passengers had cans of Pringles and defecated in plastic bags. [More]

More transportation problems?

Nothing Like A 2-Hour Bus Ride After Spending Days Adrift On Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship

Passengers aboard what has been described as a hot, smelly ship will finally arrive on dry land in Mobile, Ala. sometime tonight after days on the stranded Carnival Triumph. But alas, there won’t be rest for the weary just yet. Despite the mayor of Mobile noting that his city also has hotels, passengers will either board a bus for a two-hour ride to New Orleans or a more than 7-hour ride to Galveston or Houston, Texas.


The Triumph fire has now ruined vacation plans for thousands of additional Carnival customers.

Carnival Forced To Cancel 12 More Upcoming Cruises Aboard Stranded Ship

With the Carnival Triumph and its 4,000 passengers still being towed back to port following an engine room fire earlier this week, the cruise line operator has had to pull the plug on a dozen additional upcoming voyages for the ship. [More]