Yet Another Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded Off The Coast Of Mexico

We can’t help but feel the pull of deja vu — yet another Carnival cruise ship has been set adrift after a fire in the engine room, a scant  year or so after a similar incident. The Carnival Triumph is currently floating off the coast of Mexico as it waits for a tug boat to arrive and pull it to port.

It’s about 150 miles off shore but it has the company of another Carnival vessel which is providing assistances, reports Reuters.

“Another Carnival ship, the Carnival Elation, is currently on scene and transferring additional food and beverage provisions to the Carnival Triumph,” Carnival said in a statement

The fire in the ship’s engine room has been extinguished and no one was hurt. The 3,143 guests and 1,086 crew members are now just waiting for a tug to drag the ship to a Mexican port while the vessel’s emergency power generators run the show. It’s expected to dock by Wednesday afternoon, two days after it was originally scheduled to hit land.

Carnival says passengers will get a refund as well as a “cruise credit equal to the amount paid for this voyage.”

Carnival cruise ship adrift off Mexican coast after fire [Reuters]

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