Ovation Brands Is Already Selling The Contents Of Buffets Closed On Sunday

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

On Monday, we shared the news that the parent company of Old Country Buffet, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain, Ryan’s Steakhouse, and other centers of face-stuffing abruptly shut down restaurants on Sunday. Today, an auction company announced a nationwide restaurant equipment sale in multiple states. Yes, some of the very same ones closed for inventory on Sunday. The “inventory” thing wasn’t a ruse: on Wednesday, they’ll be selling everything that isn’t nailed down.

That’s a common expression, but also is exactly what’s happening during the sale. “You will be able to remove any items that are not permanently affixed to the building with the exception of leased and proprietary items,” the auction notice says. Some things might have been carried off to other buffets, but the starting bid for the contents of each restaurant is $6,500.

restaurant auction

If it’s not rented or attached to the building, it’s for sale, and they’re happy to sell everything to one buyer if anyone is interested. That means you can’t buy linens or waffle irons, but furniture, plates, and steel tables are all available.

Will the other restaurants shut down on Sunday close permanently? Will they go up for auction, too? We’ll keep you posted.

NATIONWIDE Multi-Restaurant Liquidation Auction 3/9/16 ID: 914 (66) [Auction Nation]

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