Virgin Mobile Transitioning To iPhone-Only, Offers Year Of Unlimited Data For $1

Virgin Mobile Transitioning To iPhone-Only, Offers Year Of Unlimited Data For $1

It seems like the four major wireless providers are changing their plans daily to undercut each other and steal customers, but one prepaid wireless company is basically trying to out-promo everyone else by paring down to just one phone and offering a year of data for just(ish) $1. [More]

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Apple’s Tim Cook Sees Self-Driving Cars As “Mother Of All AI Projects”

Ever since we heard the first whispers that Apple was working on some kind of car project, people have wondered whether the electronics company would actually produce a vehicle, or if it was focusing more on the technology side of things. Now we have an answer, straight from the mouth of CEO Tim Cook. [More]

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Everyone Is Freaking Out About iPhone’s New Video Screen Capture Feature

We’re all used to snapping a screen shot to document whatever is on the phone screen — a text from an ex so you can send it to your friends, a photo of a receipt for business expenses, whathaveyou. But now that the newest version of iOS allows users to capture video recordings of what’s happening on the screen, people are totally freaking out. [More]

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Apple Putting Screen-Replacing Robots In Some Best Buy Stores

Smartphones are great, sure. But the problem with your modern smartphone is that the outside is made of glass — and humans are, well, kind of klutzes, by and large. So cracked screens happen. A lot. Now, Apple is making it easier for iPhone owners to get their screens properly repaired — but it’s also a tactic to help the company avoid laws requiring them to let you fix your own phone. [More]

Everyone Thinks Apple’s HomePod Looks Like Really Expensive Toilet Paper

Everyone Thinks Apple’s HomePod Looks Like Really Expensive Toilet Paper

When Apple announced yesterday that it would be joining the likes of Google and Amazon with a Siri-connected speaker that can play music called the HomePod, the reaction was immediate. “It’s expensive!” some said of the $349 price tag. “It’s been done!” others chimed in. “It looks like a roll of toilet paper!” said basically everyone. [More]

Apple Makes Up With Amazon, Takes On Venmo

Apple Makes Up With Amazon, Takes On Venmo

Today at its annual developers’ conference, Apple predictably promised a wide array of small and large hardware and software upgrades across its whole line of devices — TV, Watch, laptop and desktop computers, and phones and tablets. The full keynote got into the tech specs and details that largely interest developers more than consumers, but some of the highlights will directly interest Apple users. [More]

Apple To Debut Peer-To-Peer Payment System This Fall

Apple To Debut Peer-To-Peer Payment System This Fall

A month after the rumor mill began swirling with predictions that Apple would soon unveil a peer-to-peer payment system rivaling Venmo and Square Cash, the tech giant did just that: Pay Cash will allow users to send payments to friends and family directly through the Apple Pay app.  [More]

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Report: Apple’s Version Of A Connected Speaker To Debut Later This Year

Apple makes phones, tablets, computers, headphones, and even easy-to-lose wireless earbuds, but there’s one thing missing. Unlike Google and Amazon, Apple doesn’t sell a smart speaker that also serves as a smart home hub. That’s reportedly about to change, and factories are starting to crank out Apple’s take on the hot products. [More]

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Apple Fights Bill That Could Make Fixing iPhone Easier, Cheaper

When iPhones first came on the market, customers could only get their devices fixed at an actual Apple store. Now that the phones have become ubiquitous, phone repair store have popped up on nearly every block and in every mall, providing owners with a plethora of options and prices when it comes to seeking repairs for their devices. But a new report shows that Apple and other tech manufacturers and organizations are fighting against these choices, pushing to eliminate state legislation that aims to make it easier for anyone to repair electronics.  [More]

Google Assistant Now Works On iPhone

Google Assistant Now Works On iPhone

While Apple’s iPhone apps don’t cross over onto Google’s Android devices, an array of Google apps have long been available for iOS, and today Google confirmed that its virtual Assistant service will soon be sharing space on your iPhone next to Siri. [More]

Apple Adding iTunes To Windows Store

Apple Adding iTunes To Windows Store

If you’re a Windows user but prefer to stick with iTunes for all your music needs, you’ll soon be able to jam out to your favorite songs on your computer: The iTunes desktop app will be coming to the Windows Store soon.  [More]

Apple Sneaks Into Your Bed With Purchase Of Sleep-Tracking Firm Beddit

Apple Sneaks Into Your Bed With Purchase Of Sleep-Tracking Firm Beddit

Apple wants to get in your bed — but just to track how you sleep: The tech giant acquired Beddit, a Finnish manufacturer of sleep-tracking devices. [More]

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Report: Amazon Video Is Finally Coming To Apple TV

It looks like Amazon and Apple may have decided to kiss and make up: A new report says the two Silicon Valley rivals are close to to a deal that would make Amazon’s video app available on Apple TV. [More]

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Blames iPhone 8 Rumors For Drop In iPhone 7 Sales

It seems like quite the technological ouroboros: Apple is having a bit of a tough time convincing people to buy its current iPhone model because they’re too focused on the next version of the device, even before the company has had a chance to reveal any details about it. [More]


Is Wireless Charging Finally Coming To The iPhone?

Wireless charging — the ability to power up your mobile device without having to plug it in — has been standard on a number of smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy line, for years but has yet to be integrated into Apple’s iPhone. However, new reports indicate that Apple may finally be getting on the wireless charging wagon. [More]


Apple, Uber, Tesla Ask California To Revise Rules For Self-Driving Cars

Now that California has proposed rules intended to make it easier for tech companies to test self-driving vehicles on public streets, those companies are calling on the state to make additional changes that would further favor the industry. [More]

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Rumors Swirling Again Over Possible Apple Peer-To-Peer Payment System

It’s like we fell asleep and woke up in 2015: Once again, the rumor mill is whirring along with claims that Apple is working on a Venmo-like peer-to-peer service that would allow people to transfer money to each other with the click of a button. [More]

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Apple Store Thieves Run Off With $24K In Useless Products

If you’ve browsed an Apple Store recently, you may notice that the display devices are no longer tethered to their docks or tables. That’s because new security measures mean that the devices don’t work outside of the store. Maybe no one told the five young men who ran off with with more than 20 devices that can only really be used as pretty paperweights. [More]