“Find My iPhone” Will Now Find Your Missing AirPods

For years, owners of the iPhone have been able to track their devices through the company’s “Find My iPhone” system. Now, the company is expanding the tracking system to include its new, wireless earbuds. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s latest update to the Find My iPhone app allows owners of the company’s recently released AirPods to track the small devices when they become lost.

The AirPods, which are not connected to each other like traditional headphones, were introduced as a companion for the Apple’s latest iPhone that lacks a headphone jack.

When the AirPods were first launched, many customers raised concerns about the inevitability of losing one of the expensive headphones, as they didn’t contain a GPS function.

But with the update, the Find My Phone app will be able to tell owners the current or last known location of the headphones. However, it should be noted that the location will be broad, not a specific pinpoint.

To get a more precise location of the headphone, Apple will allow the app to blast music from the earbud.

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