Report: Amazon Video Is Finally Coming To Apple TV

Image courtesy of Kitty & Kal-El

It looks like Amazon and Apple may have decided to kiss and make up: A new report says the two Silicon Valley rivals are close to to a deal that would make Amazon’s video app available on Apple TV.

Recode cites people familiar with the goings-on who say that they’re expecting the app to land on Apple’s TV set-top box this summer.

As it stands now, Amazon subscribers have been limited to using Airplay to connect to Apple TV over WiFi.

So why did the two tech giants decide to put aside their differences — at least on this front — after all these years? It’s unclear, but whatever it is, it likely involved CEOs Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos working something out, industry observers tell Recode.

Back in 2015, Amazon announced it would no longer sell video-streaming devices from rivals Google and Apple that weren’t compatible with its Prime video service. As for whether that will change now that Apple and Amazon are simpatico, that remains to be seen.

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