Everyone Is Freaking Out About iPhone’s New Video Screen Capture Feature

Image courtesy of Raccoon Photo

We’re all used to snapping a screen shot to document whatever is on the phone screen — a text from an ex so you can send it to your friends, a photo of a receipt for business expenses, whathaveyou. But now that the newest version of iOS allows users to capture video recordings of what’s happening on the screen, people are totally freaking out.

This means you could be video chatting with someone and recording it at the same time to watch later, with the other person none the wiser, pointed out one Twitter user who showed how the function works (he upgraded to iOS 11 with a beta version, but it won’t roll out to the general public until the fall):

He noted to Buzzfeed that there are some benefits, like showing someone who needs help learning how to do something on their phone with a handy how-to video.

But other internet denizens aren’t so sure this is a good thing.


It’s worth noting that he wasn’t able to successfully record a FaceTime video call with a friend. As for Snapchat, it’s unclear — so you might need to be on your best behavior.

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