At Least Nine Cases Of Walmart Flipflops Burning Customers, Here's The Latest

I have the same EXACT condition that Kerry Stiles has, and Fox news did a story regarding the Sun and Sand flip flops last night filed by another lady here in Texas. I purchased the shoes at Walmart in July… I, unlike Kerry, wore the shoes a mere 2 hours.

A woman by the name of Ginger Edwards from Walmart headquarters in Bentonville called me initially back in July and wanted the shoes so they could test them and informed me that I was the 9th case reported, note that was in JULY. I emailed her pictures of my feet but I did not mail the shoes. I chose instead to use my better judgment and held on to the flip flops as EVERYONE at Walmart has given me the impression that they are completely apathetic to my problem. I or my son, visited Walmart daily after having complained IN PERSON after visiting the doctor the first time back in July and having showed them my feet, and the shoes remained on the shelf until last week!!


2 weeks ago, after my second visit to the doctor, I was contacted via telephone by a man named “Charles” from Walmart here in Mineral Wells and again, he seemed completely indifferent stating that I seemed to “have the situation under control”. I went that day to show him my feet and the employees refused to give me his last name and would only page “a member of management”.


I received a letter on Friday August 24 and they have referred me to a lady named Letty Lopez in Dallas. As I stated, I have pictures of my feet along with correspondences with the Foreign Trade Commission as well as doctor bills and prescriptions I can share with you.

I have been unable to wear “normal” shoes since July 14 and am still under a doctor’s care!


Juanita Locke
Mineral Wells, TX

So this is what Walmart means by “taking this report very seriously:…

Some independent body needs to test out the plastic on these flipflops and see what the hell is in them that is causing people’s feet to react in this way. And someone needs to send these flipflops to the CPSC.

Consumerist readers, are there any of these Sun and Sand flipflops still on the shelves of your local Walmart? If so, can they be purchased or has the bar code been removed from Walmart’s system?


Cheryl in TN writes:

To answer your question, yes, they are on the shelf, at least at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Rockwood, Tenn., and as recently as last night. They’re on a display near the cash registers and are marked “clearance,” with a $1 price tag.

I actually pointed them out to my daughter, warning her not to touch them and telling her about the woman I read about on The Consumerist. I then wondered aloud what had happened in the original case. Thanks for your update.

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