Great Moments In Commercial History: Dr. Jang & Associates

Reader Diane calls this Dr. Jang & Associates commercial “a bay area classic!”

Dr. Jang sure does seem like a cheerful guy.

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  1. Ideapimp says:

    SEE Hah blah Es-Pan-yol.

  2. chipslave says:

    Did that lady say she lost her mouth and he gave it back to her?


    And why is that first guy wiggling?

  3. nearsite says:

    I have to pay $20 for an estimate?

  4. yosarian says:

    Not sure I’d want to go to a guy that obsessed with his own smile. While I hope my dentist has an interest in my teeth, I think his might border on “unhealthy.”

  5. faust1200 says:

    Apparently Dr. Jang is not against using powerful pain killing medications… on himself.

  6. Pounding909s says:

    Ah, I love Dr. Jang! I haven’t seen one of these spots since I lived in SF. We had a TiVo and yet would always make sure to watch these when they’d pop up just because the smile at the end made us laugh so much.

    Viva La Jang!

  7. @chipslave: She lost her smile.

    @faust1200: hahahaha!

  8. says:

    The first customer also gave that fakey smile — I imagine that’s the fault of whoever shot the video for him. “Now don’t forget to give a big smile when you’re done talking!”

  9. PatrickPortland says:

    If his forced smile isn’t enough to scare you away, his storefront is – it’s the most uninviting place on the block. I walk past it a few times a week and, surprise surprise, the waiting room is always empty. A former coworker of mine has been going to him for years and absolutely *hates* him, but her parents insist on keeping the cash in the community, so to speak.

    When conversation is thin at an unfamiliar bar, all someone has to do is mention his commercial and laughter/camaraderie ensues.

  10. homerjay says:


    HI, DR. JANG!!!

  11. floofy says:

    I like wiggly guy. Why is it they always pick the weirdest people for commercials, TV news witnesses, etc? Dr. Jang has pretty fake smile himself.

  12. cheezel says:

    Yay! I love this commercial. Glad it’s glory is being shared with the world!

  13. Mark 2000 says:

    I always felt Dr. Jang looked like an asian john ashcroft.

  14. ddhj says:

    that commercial gave me back my smile.

  15. femmesavante says:

    The commercials are hilarious but the work is wonderful. I’ve been a patient at Jang & Associates for over a year now. Excellent service! I mean same day dental appointments including on weekends. Moreover they’ll work with you on payment when your student insurance sucks as does mine.

    If you can get past the cheesy commercials, I highly recommend them… specifically Dr. Lai. He rocks.

  16. Hawkins says:

    He needs a jingle. Perhaps something along the lines of “It’s Just Like a Mini-Mall.”

  17. Yep says:

    Not that anyone asked, but if you live in SF and need a dentist, Dr. Lambert Stumpel is quite possibly the best in the universe. Plus, the view from his exam chairs rivals the Top of the Mark. 25th floor at 450 Sutter (or 450 Suffer as it’s commonly known since the building is filled w/ dentists.)

  18. Kupaka says:

    he’s gonna win the “fakest smile of the year” award!!!