Make Debt Collectors Prove They Own What They Say You Owe

We’ve mentioned how if you’re being pursued by a debt collector, you need to make them prove that you owe the debt. Alabama Consumer Law Blog notes the other half, that you need to make them prove that it is they they actually own the debt, what is called having “standing.”

When we defend clients in court on these types of cases, the debt buyer has yet to show up with a witness (imagine – suing someone in court and having NO witnesses!) and the debt buyer refuses to produce at trial the alleged “purchase agreement” where they supposedly bought the debt.

If you really owe the money, you have a moral and, until the statute of limitations passes, legal obligation to pay the debt. Just make sure the person claiming standing really has a leg to stand on. — BEN POPKEN

Alabama Consumers Sued By Debt Buyers Or Collectors – Two Essential Things To Remember [Alabama Consumer Law Blog]
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