Ebay Scam: People Still Trying To Sell "Pictures" Of Things

Seller “awesome_electronics” (feedback zero) is selling “pictures” of items. Get it. It’s just a picture.. Ha, ha, ha. From ebay:

You are Bidding on a picture of a Apple iPod Video Black 30 gb that is BRAND New In BOX. As you can see in the picture it has never been opened. I Only Ship to the continental United States. I do not ship to PO Boxs. This is an as is sale There will be no returns. Payment is due within 3 days of sale ending. Thank you for looking at my sale and Happy Bidding!

We guess this is what happens when 12 year olds think of scams to pull on the internet. Sadly, according to BoingBoing at least one person fell for it before their post drove the bidding up over $100,000 (for a picture of a HAM radio.) Hardy har har. —MEGHANN MARCO

Seller awesome_electronics [eBay]
eBay bidder beware of people selling pictures of things [BoingBoing]

UPDATE: eBay took “awesome_electronics” listings down. Alas. We’ll always have the screen shot to remember him/her/it by.

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