FCC Chair Tom Wheeler Talks Privacy, 5G & Set-Top Box Reform

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When Tom Wheeler was appointed FCC Chair in 2013, some questioned whether a former frontman for both the cable and telecom industries could possibly keep consumers’ needs in mind when dealing with the companies he’d known intimately for decades. John Oliver even likened the naming of Wheeler as FCC Chair to “needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo.” Yet, not only has Wheeler demonstrated that he’s not a dingo, he’s also gone toe-to-toe with the companies he once represented, enacting new net neutrality rules that regulate broadband as a utility, challenging phone companies to put an end to robocalls, going after wireless providers for misleading “unlimited” plans, and trying to shake up the pay-TV monopoly on set-top boxes. [More]


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Okay, so it’s not that crazy, but you do only have to do one thing to sign up for the Consumerist newsletter, and have it arrive fresh and hot in your email inbox twice a week. [More]

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If You Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For, May We Suggest Our Newsletter?

That aching hole in your heart and in your inbox? We think we’ve got something to fill it. [More]


7 Things You Need To Know From Frontline’s Investigation On Supplements & Safety

They look like drugs, they’re regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, but Frontline‘s new investigation found that supplements are very, very different. [More]


What You Need To Know Before You Take A Sleeping Pill

When you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, you might reach for the pill bottle for a simple, chemical solution. And you’re not alone — according to a new survey from our colleagues at Consumer Reports, more than one-third of adults who complained of sleep problems at least once per week said they had used an over-the-counter or prescription sleep drug in the previous year. [More]

Reminder: We Want To See Your Photos Of Kids Who Hate Hanging With Santa Claus

Reminder: We Want To See Your Photos Of Kids Who Hate Hanging With Santa Claus

As the doors on the advent calendar open one by one, bringing us closer to Christmas, there’s still time for you to be part of our annual Consumerist holiday celebration. And by celebration, we mean, celebrating the effect the mall Santa Claus sometimes has on the younger set. [More]

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Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Consumer Reports’ Ratings System

This story was first published by our sister publication Consumer Reports.


Consumer Reports

How Safe Is Your Ground Beef?

This story was first published by our sister publication Consumer Reports.


Fun With Surveys: Consumerist And Consumer Reports Need Your Help

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What We Liked About 2014: The Editors’ Favorite Stories Of The Year

What We Liked About 2014: The Editors’ Favorite Stories Of The Year

The clock hasn’t even struck midnight yet, and already we’re reminiscing about the year gone by. For us here at Consumerist, 2014 wasn’t only about how many times our stories were read, or who was clicking where, but about the process of bringing those stories to our readers and how we felt about working on them.


26 Kids Who Decided Santa Claus Is Not To Be Tolerated, Proceed To Freak The Heck Out

One more time, our very own Miranda Cox, daughter of Consumerist's Kate Cox.

We asked, and oh boy, did we receive: For our third annual installment of holiday-induced panic on a wee scale, you, our dear readers, submitted 26 photos of your children freaking the heck out upon meeting the man in red, one Santa Cornelius Claus. Does Santa have a middle name for real? We might never know, but what we do know is that before children come to love the guy, they often want nothing better than to be as far from that jolly fellow as possible.



18 Times Our Readers Got The Absolute Best Gift Ever

There’s nothing like the moment when you realize that you’ve just received your heart’s desire in the form of a gift from someone else. Not only does it mean adding something wonderful to your life — whether it’s that prized toy you’ve been coveting, freedom from tyranny or a new fuzzy friend. Speaking of fuzzy, we asked you, our wonderful, giving readers a few weeks ago to tell us about the best gift you’ve ever gotten, whether it was Christmas, Hanukkah or just a regular day. [More]


Tell Us About The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

It was Christmas morning/eve. It was the best night of Hanukkah. There was that one gift, the thing you received from your mom/dad/sister/brother/spouse/whoever, that stood out from all the rest as the best thing you could have ever gotten.


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Attention, Austin: Consumerist Is Hiring Technology Folks

You’re reading this site right now, if these words are beaming through your eyeballs into your brain — and you could be working for it, if you’ve got the technological savvy and happen to live in Austin, Texas. [More]