Going to KFC For Free Chicken? You've Got A Long Wait

It’s the first lunch period since the Oprah-promoted KFC grilled chicken giveaway started. Lines are predictably long.

Roving tipster Dana sent this photo from a restaurant in Chantilly, VA, and noted:

Hello! I’m currently at a KFC in Chantilly, Virginia at 2:00 pm. Like many others I went to this kfc for the free grilling chicken, and I’ve been told that the wait is 20 minutes!

I ended up purchasing a meal to eat while I wait for my free meal, but I guess that’s the wrong choice too since it’s been 10 minutes and I still don’t have my paid meal! Ah well.

UPDATE: Dana wrote back once she got her food. Ah, mobile Internet.

Hey there! It ended up taking 30 minutes for both of my food to arrive (at the same time no less)! I forgot to say, this is food or me for the next two day. So around $7 for two days of food. Who the heck can eat all that in one sitting anyway (I’m looking at you, commenters)!

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