Create A Phone Stand For Free With A Business Card

Some PR person just sent us a notice about a new wallet-sized iPhone stand, which reminded us that there’s an easy and free alternative, and it most probably works for a lot of other (fairly thin) media devices as well.

This Instructable—which has been around forever, but maybe you haven’t seen it before—contains all you need to know. Be sure to check out the comments as well, because there’s a simpler, modified version there that shows you how to make one right now at your desk with a pair of scissors, two business cards, and a pen. Other commenters point out that they’ve made sturdier versions with plastic gift cards or subway cards.

The best thing is you can carry it in your wallet without taking up any extra space, and the next time you want to prop up your iPhone to watch something, it’ll be waiting for you.

“Simple business card iPhone / iPod stand” [Instructables]