Who The Hell Are These People Calling My Cellphone About A Car Warranty?

We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people saying that a company is using a robocaller to call their cellphones and pretend that their car warranty is expiring. Too bad that some of these readers don’t even have a car. Has happened to you? Do you know who is behind it?

Here is one such email from reader Jamie:

Have you guys heard anything about the telemarketers calling cell phones wanting to sign you up for an extended car warranty?

It is ridiculous the amount I’m getting on both my personal cell phone and work cell phone. I Google the phone number, different each time, and find that others are getting the same calls. They never leave a message and there IS someone there to answer if you choose to talk with someone.

It appears that it doesn’t matter if you are on the Do-Not-Call list or ask them to take you off their list, they keep calling.

Have you heard of this?

Yes, in fact, we wrote about AT&T’s attempt to sue the people behind these calls, but no one seems to know who they are because they spoof their phone numbers— and the government doesn’t seem to care. We also asked the BBB if they knew who was behind this robot army and they didn’t. It is a total mystery.

If you know who they are, tell us about it at tips@consumerist.com. Put “Car Warranty Robocaller” in the subject.