I Lowered My Time Warner Bill In 4 Minutes, Just By Asking

Yet another success story for our “Just Ask To Pay Less Money” technique. Commenter tinyrobot was paying too much for Time Warner Cable, so he called them up and told them so. Now he pays less. It’s not a Thanksgiving miracle, you can do it, too.

tinyrobot says:

I took your advice, and called Time Warner Cable during my lunchbreak today to see if anything could be done about my bill. I have the standard cable modem (not “lite”/low speed) service, and Digital TV standard package with an HD DVR, all coming out to about $121 per month.

I called up, spoke to a friendly CSR after navigating to the “Downgrade my service” option in the phone tree, and explained that I was thinking about canceling my TV service, since there’s a recession on and I got an e-mail offer from DirecTV that advertised comparable service for $30 per month. As soon as I mentioned the last part, the rep put me on hold (a good sign, I’ve learned) and came back with a tasty offer: 25% off my current package total for the next 13 months. That brought service (taxes included) down to $90 per month without a contract or any other obligation, or change/downgrade in services. The whole thing took about 4 minutes.

Perhaps I could have haggled for more, but this brought the whole bill for ~10mbps internet and a gazillion channels with HD DVR back to where it seems reasonable again, so I was happy.

Thanks for the urging – worked for me!

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