Video: Go In For Migraine, End Up With Amputation

Imagine going to the doctor for a severe migraine and ending up with your right arm amputated. That’s what happened to Diana Levine when her doctor injected her with Phenergan, it seeped out of the vein into an artery, and gave her gangrene.

Vermont courts found that Wyeth hadn’t given adequate warning to doctors and patients that one particular injection method, the one used on Diana, greatly increases the risk of gangrene. Wyeth is trying to use Federal preemption to win the case, arguing that patients is that consumers can’t sue a pharma company if the drug has been approved by federal regulators. The case, Wyeth v. Levine, is before the Supreme Court. The Alliance for Justice has made a 22-minute documentary about Diana Levine so you can learn more about her story. Watch it in its entirety, inside…

Access Denied [Alliance For Justice]
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