Readdress your gripes! Walmart will have a new CEO, Mike Duke, starting Feb. 1. [CNNMoney]


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  1. rubberpants says:

    Walmart blows.

  2. ribex says:

    Um. Don’t you mean “Redress”?

    • zigziggityzoo says:

      @ribex: Nope. Readdress fits better.

      Redress means to remedy or set right.

      • ribex says:

        @zigziggityzoo: Readdress only makes sense if the gripes were already addressed.

        If I have a gripe (a complaint), then I damn well would want them remedied or set right!

        Google “redress complaints” vs “readdress complaints” and you will see that the proper verbiage here is redress.

        • Etoiles says:

          @ribex: I thought they meant literally “re-address,” as in, “If you are writing an EECB and want to include the CEO, the old CEO won’t be working there anymore.”

  3. ribex says:

    Ack, I’m confused.

    I was taking “Walmart will have a new CEO, Mike Duke, starting Feb. 1” to mean that Duke will be able to solve consumers’ problems with Walmart (redress). But is the title saying hey, a new guy is coming, time to write to him (readdress)?

  4. Ubik2501 says:

    Soon to be known as “Walmart (Formerly Mike Duke’s House of Chicken and Waffles).”

  5. Triborough says:

    Like he’ll stop dealing with the Chicoms.