Man Finds Mouse Baked Into His Hot Dog Buns

A North Carolina man bought some hot dog buns that came with a little surprise inside. No, it wasn’t a prize. “I see the little ears. Clearly that’s a tail. I don’t know what that is, part of his leg or something,” the man told NBC.

“I was cooking dinner and I brought these out and I opened them up,” he said. “That’s our little friend right there. And that clearly is a mouse.”

NBC says that when he called Arnold bread, the company that made the buns, they told him that he didn’t need to call the store where he bought the item. But he did anyway.

From KARE 11:

The IBM executive says he doesn’t want money from this ordeal, just answers and action.

Bruce says “that’s certainly noticeable. I mean, somebody should have seen that. It got put into a bag.”

So he called Arnold bread but says they told him not to call the Concord store where he bought the buns.

Bruce says “she told me, ‘ah no, you don’t need to call BJ’s, just send it back to us.'”

But he says, he worried about other customers.

Bruce says “mice don’t travel in isolation. The travel with other mice and if one mouse got in, others could’ve.”

BJ’s Wholesale apparently worried, too. They pulled all bread products made at the same Florida factory where these buns came from.

Bruce says “other consumers should be concerned about this. How did it get there? Is it the only one?”

That’s a damn good question, Bruce.

Man finds mouse parts baked into hot dog buns [KARE 11] (Thanks, Mike!)