Obama Took Hillary As VP "Very Seriously"

I like to keep it pretty apolitical here at The Consumerist, but when Obama uttered the very same PR-double-speak phrase, “taking it seriously,” that we’ve been skewering for eight months, I had to post it.

WHO: Barack Obama
WHAT: Shortly before the opening of the Democratic National Convention, Obama assured America that Hillary was always a viable candidate in his VP search.
WHERE: Obama Dismisses Worries About Clinton Fallout [New York Times]
THE QUOTE: “‘I’ve tried not to have long discussions about short lists, long lists…But I’ve said publicly before and I will repeat again that Senator Clinton would be on anybody’s short list, so I took her very seriously.”

“Taking it seriously” is a phrase companies (and now, presidential candidates) use over and over again to appear contrite or thoughtful without actually saying or doing anything. Our series of posts documenting the phrase’s attempts recurrences are our attempt to question how much seriousness-taking is actually going on.

(Thanks to Michael Belisle!)

(Photo: BohPhoto)