Fry Guy Doesn't Wash Bathroom Hands, Gets Public Shaming

When the sign says, “employees must wash hands after using bathroom,” Brent takes it very seriously. He says he was using the toilet at a Wendy’s, and spotted a worker use the bathroom and head right back to fondling the fries without scrubbing his hands. That’s when Brent decided to call out the guy in front of the entire restaurant. Here’s his story and what happened next…

There I am going pee in Wendy’s by my office when a Wendy’s employee comes into the bathroom and goes into the stall to pee. I wash my hands, dry them and exit as I hear a flush. I get about 3 seconds out of the bathroom and guess who comes out of the bathroom! I’m in gross shock at this point but I think “Ok maybe he’s going on break and he will wash after he smokes ones…”WRONG! He not only went behind the counter he started handling fries! So what do I do? “Excuse me, I would like to see your manager.””Um Larry, this guy wants you!… I don’t know he wants a manager!”Larry the manager comes to the counter and about 5 employees are eyes glued! Including Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man.”Yeah that guy right there working the fries with the mustache, he was just in the bathroom at the same time I was and he left without washing his hands.”

The room fell SILENT!

About 6 people were standing at the counter waiting for their food, plus 10 people sitting close enough to hear this, plus the onlooking employees, INCLUDING Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man.Now Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man had this look on his face that can only be explained as a look that said “YOU SON OF A !!!” Without actually saying a word. Fearing he might come over the counter or throw something at my head I bid them farewell. “I’ll just go to Burger King.” I watched over my shoulder the whole way and I am pleased to say that I saw a couple of familiar faces at Burger King a few minutes later.

Chalk one up for customers!

Sure, he could have spoken privately to the manager to handle it more discreetly. Or filed a complaint with the Health Inspector. But I’ll bet you every worker at that Wendy’s washes their hands after using the bathroom now.

Reminds me of a scene from a Seinfeld episode:

Health Inspector: Are you Poppie?
POPPIE: I’m Poppie.
Health Inspector: I think you’d better come with me.
POPPIE: What’s the problem?
(Poppie leaves with the Health Inspector)
AUDREY: What do they want from Poppie?
JERRY: Well, Poppie’s a little sloppy.

See? Not quite as dramatic.

Mr. Dirty-hands Fry-man [Where is everybody???]