CompUSA Sells Shattered LCD With "May Have Minor Damage" Tag

Reader and blogger John writes in to let us know that not only is CompUSA selling a broken Sony DVD player for $179.98 (that’s 40% off the sticker price,) they also have the above-picture completely %$#@ing broken LCD for only $100.

“I found a shattered LCD screen at the Columbus Circle CompUSA that was marked “MAY HAVE MINOR DAMAGE,” John writes. He also describes the scene during the final days of the liquidation:

It was the Land of Misfit Electronics. I found wheezing printers, disemboweled PCs, grimy office equipment that had been hauled out of the manager’s office for liquidation, and “today only!” tags advertising great deals on the actual shelving–in case you want to recreate the thrill of CompUSA in your own home, I suppose.


Columbus Circle CompUSA May Have Minor Damage [Geek Out New York]