Phillip Pessar

Former Alfred Angelo Employees Perform Potentially Illegal Wedding Gown Rescue Mission

Last week, the bridal and special-occasion gown brand Alfred Angelo abruptly closed both its retail boutiques and its wholesale business. Other bridal stores are taking advantage or helping out (depending on your point of view) with sales and offers of help, and the former employees of at least one store went back in against the bankruptcy court’s rules to fetch paid-for gowns and distribute them to customers. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Here Are The 331 Stores Gymboree Plans To Close

Last month, children’s clothing retailer Gymboree announced that it would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help it get out from more than $1.4 billion in debt. Part of its reorganization would also include closing some stores, and a month later, the chain has released its initial list of store closings. [More]


Jawbone Preparing To Shut Down, Liquidate All Its Assets

After years of fighting with its rival Fitbit over fitness trackers, Jawbone, the personal electronics company that was once valued at almost $3 billion, is reportedly preparing to shut everything down and sell off all of its assets. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Bebe To Close All 180 Stores; Future Plans Uncertain

The rumors that women’s clothing retailer bebe might exit the mall and go online-only were apparently true, as the company has announced plans to shutter all 180 of its stores this spring. [More]


Reminder: Liquidation Sales Offer Terrible Deals, Bad Return Policies

They draw you in with brightly colored signs at street corners, promising discounts of “up to” some very promising number. A record number of retail bankruptcies and store closings mean that there have been a record number of store closing sales so far this year. Yet if you’re looking for actual deals, you should stay away from liquidation and store closing sales. Here’s why. [More]

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hhgregg Needs A Buyer This Week, Or It’s Liquidating

hhgregg, the appliance and furniture store whose name we have capitalized correctly, needs someone to save it. Very soon. The company needs to find a buyer this week, or it will begin its going out of business sales on Saturday, April 8. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Gordmans Files For Bankruptcy, Will Liquidate

A week after reports suggested that midwest retailer Gordmans was preparing to file for bankruptcy, the off-price retailer has done so and revealed plans to liquidate assets.  [More]


RadioShack May Close Somewhere Between 530 And All Of Its Stores

For the second time in 25 months, electronics retailer RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy protection. The first time around, The Shack closed just over half of its stores, partnering with Sprint to keep the rest open and preserve thousands of jobs. This week, the company formed to keep the brand going sought permission from the bank to close between one-third and all of its stores. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Family Christian Closing All 240 Stores

After 85 years in business, Family Christian is closing for good, shutting down all 240 of its retail stores. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Wet Seal Will Liquidate And Close 137 Remaining Stores

Attention, fashionable yet casual Consumerists: Get ready to head to your local mall if you’ve ever liked any products from clothing and accessories seller Wet Seal. The company is closing nationwide, which means selling everything from the clothes left on the racks to its office equipment. [More]

Michael Kalus

American Apparel To Liquidate Nine Stores Ahead Of January Auction

Two weeks after American Apparel confirmed it could lay off 3,500 workers as part of its second bankruptcy go-around in two years, the company received approval to liquidate nine stores by the end of the month.  [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Consignment Deals Don’t Work So Well When Retailers Go Bankrupt

It’s time for retailers to start placing their orders for the items that will be on shelves during this holiday season, but one thing may be different from last year: they may be ordering less merchandise on consignment after millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise was stuck in legal limbo during the bankruptcy of big-box sporting goods retailer Sports Authority. [More]

After Failing To Find A Buyer, Texas-Based Retailer Hastings Closing All Stores

After Failing To Find A Buyer, Texas-Based Retailer Hastings Closing All Stores

A month after filing for bankruptcy and outlining a plan to find a buyer for its 123 stores, Hastings Entertainment announced it will instead close all of its stores and liquidate its assets.  [More]

Texas-Based Retailer Hastings Files For Bankruptcy; Looks To Sell 126 Stores

Texas-Based Retailer Hastings Files For Bankruptcy; Looks To Sell 126 Stores

Following in the footsteps of companies like Blockbuster, Borders, and other retailers that sold or rented books, movies, and video games, Hastings Entertainment is bowing to years of faltering sales, filing for bankruptcy on Monday.  [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

There’s $92.5 Million In Outstanding Sports Authority Gift Cards: Use Yours Before June 28

We have no idea why you would want to buy a gift card to Sports Authority right now. The big-box sports retailer, with 460 stores across the country, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and is liquidating and closing all of its stores starting on Wednesday. If you did want to buy one, today is the last day, and the stores will stop accepting gift cards on June 26 June 28. [More]

L.A. Boutique Kitson Closing All 17 Stores

L.A. Boutique Kitson Closing All 17 Stores

One of L.A.’s most well-known boutique chains — a relic of the “glory days” of reality TV —  is no longer peddling pricey blouses, pants, and accessories to the semi-famous, with Kitson shutting down all 17 of its stores, and its online business.

Central Standard Timing Re-Emerges, Plans To Liquidate Or Give Everything Away

Central Standard Timing Re-Emerges, Plans To Liquidate Or Give Everything Away

You may remember Central Standard Timing, the company that raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter to produce neat e-ink watches that look like slap bracelets with digital displays. The team behind the product said that they had simply run out of money to produce the watches, and all they have left are piles of components, technical specifications for assembling the watches, and an amazing plan that didn’t quite work out. [More]


Frederick’s Of Hollywood Will Close One-Third Of Stores

While Frederick’s of Hollywood is a much smaller chain than other recent retail collapses like Delia’s dELiA*s, Wet Seal, and the impending loss of thousands of Radio Shacks, we’re still sad to share the news that about one-third of stores in the lingerie chain will close. While we don’t have the list yet, we do know one store on it: the chain’s flagship store in Hollywood. [More]