South Carolina Will Place Ads Inside School Buses

South Carolina will begin selling ad space inside their public school buses—11-inch strips above the windows are now for sale, and “Interested school districts get about $2,100 per month per bus.”

The South Carolina Board of Education approved the plan last month, and appears to be moving forward with it.

“I never thought [advertising inside school buses] was a good idea to start with,” said Donald Tudor, South Carolina’s DOE School Transportation Director, “but when you run a state program and districts request this be set in motion, you do it so they can make a choice. Ultimately, I couldn’t think of a good reason why they shouldn’t have the option.”

For its part, SAC promises the ads will be age-appropriate, promote a healthy and productive life, and are directly approved by district appointed personnel. Ads sold thus far are from local businesses.

(Thanks to Carlton!)

“School Buses Latest Victim of Ad Creep” [BrandWeek]
(Photo: Getty)