Mandatory Binding Arbitration Means Alleged Halliburton Rapists Could Go Free

A woman who filed a civil lawsuit against Halliburton for being the victim of a gang rape by her coworkers in Iraq will have her day in court, kangaroo court, thanks to the mandatory binding arbitration clause in her employment contract. Jamie Leigh Jones says she was drugged and raped by her fellow workers, then imprisoned inside a shipping container and left without food or water until the US embassy came to rescue after the State Department got calls from her father. She says she was told she would be fired if she sought medical treatment.

Mandatory arbitration means that all disputes are handled by an extra-judicial arbitration firm whose fees are paid for by the corporations and there’s zero appeals. One study found that arbitration firms rule against consumers 95% of the time. Now, this is just a civil case, and with the media attention surrounding her story, there will probably be action by the Justice Department to press criminal charges. Let’s hope so because we know arbitration is not going to give her justice.

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