5 Worst Airlines According To Zagat's

Here are the lowest performing airlines, based on comfort, food, service and website, according to a recent Zagat’s survey. Scores are out of a total possible 30.

5. United 11.75
4. Spirit 11.75
3. ATA 11
2. Northwest 11
1. US Airways 10

Spirit and ATA are discount airlines, so you’re basically strapping yourself to a flying metal tube knowing that your butt might not feel that great, but at least the extra material in your wallet helps cushion. As for the others, the legacy carriers, yeah they just stink. We find the “breakdowns” in “classic” Zagat’s style to be “particularly amusing”, and they’re posted inside…

US Airways
Defenders contend this Star Alliance “journeyman” is “finally recovering’ from the “challenges” of its America West merger and can be “solid,” especially for “short flights”; but foes let the insults fly – as “unhelpful” as “the DMV”, “schedule should be published under ‘fiction'” and the Philly hub is the “Bermuda Triangle of luggage”; others conclude “better, but not as good as it needs to be.”

United Airlines
There’s nothing united about reactions to this “big, go-everywhere” Star Alliance carrier; its “Premium Service” linking JFK to California is arguably “the best coast to coast” and “Economy Plus” is a “godsend” for “extra legroom”, but regular economy can feel “more cramped” than a “clown car” and it takes flak for “sour” staff, “delays”, “lost bags” and a “buggy” website; still, optimists say it’s “improving” post-bankruptcy.

Northwest Airlines
Like its route map, this SkyTeam member’s performance can be “all over the place” – boosters find it surprisingly “pleasant”, with some “newer planes”, “frequent upgrades” and a “better” attitude, but there are also reports of “ornery” staff, “ratty” “Reagan-era” aircraft and flights with “no food, no movies”, even “no ppilot” (ergo recent “cancellation” issues).

For the best, see Zagat’s Top Airline Picks.

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