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    1. dariaclone says:

      The charity answer doesn’t answer the question asked.

    2. savvy999 says:

      IANATaxLawyer (for 2nd time today), but the charity question needs some clarification– items purchased at a charity auction are not tax deductible, since you are receiving something having value in return.

      Items given to a charity auction are usually fully deductible, but not items bought from a charity, by any mechanism (auction, store, etc).

      Otherwise you could go to Goodwill, buy up the whole store, and deduct your purchases on your return? Not.

      Pub 526 []

    3. Pupator says:

      The amount you pay for an item at a charity auction that exceeds the fair market value of the item is a tax deduction.

      For example – if you buy a $4000 car at a charity auction for $5000, you can list that as a $1000 donation.