Walmart Looking Into Incident After Video Shows Brawl Between Walmart Worker, Customer

Image courtesy of WREG

Sometimes shopping can be frustrating, but that’s no reason to let an in-store experience come to blows. That’s why Walmart is promising to look into what led to a physical altercation between a customer and a store employee in Tennessee.

Just like everything else that happens these days, the brawl was caught on film and posted on Facebook, reports WREG, and seems to support a police report detailing the encounter.

According to a manager who had been stacking merchandise at the time, he heard a commotion and then saw the woman fighting with one of his workers.

He says he was told the customer had approached the employee to ask for a rolling cart, to which the worker had replied that perhaps all the carts were taken by others if there none available.

That’s apparently didn’t go over well with the customer, who allegedly asked for a manager and then threw a punch at the employee. The worker reportedly confirmed that she responded in kind.

Video footage begins after that point and shows the customer getting to her feet and heading for the employee, while another worker appears to try to intervene.

The video also shows the customer crawling on the floor and crying as the officer arrive. According to the police report, she had several bruises and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The employees are not pressing charges.

“We work to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone in our stores,” Walmart said in a statement to WREG. “What is seen in this video is disturbing, and we are reviewing the situation to fully understand what happened.”

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