Amazon Slashes Prices Of 4K Content After Launch Of Apple TV 4K

Even though many new TVs have ultra-HD 4K screens, American TV viewers haven’t been buying very much 4K content, which often sells at a higher price. But now that Apple is finally diving into 4K video — and selling it for the same price as HD — Amazon is slashing the cost of its 4K content.

The Verge, citing PocketLint, reports that Amazon slashed the price of its 4K content just days after AppleTV 4K made its official debut.

Prices for Amazon’s 4K shows and movies dropped to as low as $5 per video, with new releases ranging from $7 to $19.

That’s a sharp decline from the $30 PocketLint reports the company offered just days ago.

Amazon’s Answer

The new prices come just a few days after Apple TV 4K debuted.

Apple announced the new device earlier this month, noting it would support both 4K and HDR color, in case you have a TV that can actually display those things already.

Movies purchased on iTunes in 4K version will cost the same price as HD films, and HD movies you’ve already purchased will get a free 4K upgrade.

The Verge reports that Amazon’s decision to decrease the cost of 4K videos could also be tied to rumors the company is working on new devices to support the content.

Earlier this year, a number of companies, including Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element, announced they would be launching lines of 4K, ultra-high-def capable smart TVs this year that use the Amazon FireTV platform as their brains.

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