Dish Soap Marketed For Baby Bottles Recalled For Potential Bacterial Contamination

Soap has one job. It’s supposed to help clean things. Instead, Dr. Brown’s soap, which is marketed as “natural” and sold for use on dishes and baby bottles, has been recalled because it may be contaminated with bacteria.

What to do

The bottles of dish soap are contaminated with what’s described as just “harmful bacteria,” and the company will replace them with new, reformulated soap. Call 877-962-2525 or visit the company’s recall page for information about getting a replacement bottle.

The company asks that customers stop using the product immediately. If you’ve used the soap to wash bottles or dishes, you should boil them or run them through a sanitizer cycle on your dishwasher if it has that option.

What to look for

Products included in this recall were sold from September 2016 to June 2017. You might have purchased them from, or 4 Our Little Ones, Babies R’ Us, Bebeang, Buy Buy Baby, Drugland Pharmacy, Family First Pharmacy, Global Nutrition Trading, Macro, or Turquoise.


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