Probiotic Supplement For Babies Recalled Due To Confusing Directions

Image courtesy of Eric BEAUME

Sometimes people take directions too literally. It’s in case of that that Garden of Life, LLC, is recalling a probiotic supplement made for babies.

If caregivers follow the directions on the package very literally, infants taking the supplement could choke.

What to look for

The product in question is from the Dr. Formulated Probiotics line,and comes in a 1.9 fluid ounce bottle. The expiration date for affected products is Dec. 2018.

Product Name Lot Number Exp. Date
Baby Organic Liquid
UPC No. 58010 12073
5487617 12/2018
5487717 12/2018
5487817 12/2018
5500817 12/2018

The ingredients in this product are fine, the company explains in its recall notice, and if the products is administered correctly, there’s no danger to babies using the supplement. It’s supposed to be mixed with formula or breast milk and then given to the baby using the enclosed syringe.

It’s only if anyone tries to feed it to a baby without diluting it first that they might encounter problems, since the liquid is thick. One caregiver who tried this alerted the company to the problem with its directions, which don’t make clear that the liquid has to be diluted first.

What to do

If you have the product and want to return it, return it to the store or website where it was purchased. If you have questions about the recall,contact the company at (866) 211-9058 or

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