JetBlue Crew Members Sent To Hospital Over… Nail Polish Remover Odor?

Image courtesy of So Cal Metro

There are a number of odors that might permeate through an airplane that could make occupants sick: fuel, exhaust, travelers’ farts, but nail polish remover? That was apparently the case on a recent JetBlue flight, sending two crew members to the hospital. 

WCVB reports that two JetBlue employees were hospitalized Wednesday after becoming ill on a flight from Boston to Charleston.

The incident occurred around 12:40 p.m. when firefighters were called to Charleston International Airport as JetBlue flight 1667 landed. According to airport officials, the two crew members sent to the hospital reportedly became ill after smelling what they believed was smoke in the cabin.

A rep for JetBlue tells WCVB that the plane was inspected and the odor was determined to come from nail polish remover. It’s unclear how the nail polish remover — or its odor — came to be on the plane. Consumerist has reached out to JetBlue for additional details on the incident. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

Other Incidents

This isn’t the first time JetBlue crew members have fallen ill after recent flights.

WCVB reports that just last week, a flight from Boston to San Diego was diverted after three crew members said they felt ill.

Before that, a JetBlue flight made an emergency landing because of an unknown odor. Three crew members and two passengers were taken to the hospital following the incident.

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