Police: Headphone Thieves Dressed Up As Target Workers, Choked Employee

If you saw someone at Target wearing a red shirt and khakis, would you pay attention to what they were carrying? Probably not, since they’d just appear to be hard-working employees. According to police, that’s how two men were able to infiltrate a Colorado Target store, steal pricey headphones, and escape through an emergency exit.

The planning and execution of this heist were actually rather impressive. The pair clearly passed as Target employees. They asked a real employee to unlock the display case containing Beats headphones, then kept him in a chokehold until he lost consciousness. (That employee had no lasting injuries.) With him out of the way, they took several pairs of headphones, which sell for hundreds of dollars each. Who would question two employees carrying merchandise around the store?

They might question employees heading out the emergency exit and into a waiting car, though.

Sophisticated’ Robbers Dress Like Target Employees, Choke Worker [CBS Denver]

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