American Airlines To Notify Customers If Bags Are Delayed

Image courtesy of TheeErin

For the better part of a year, airlines have experimented with different programs aimed at easing travelers’ frustrations when it comes to their checked luggage; from Alaska’s electronic baggage tags to Delta’s checked bag map. Now, its American Airlines turn, as the carrier launched an app update allowing passengers to receive notification when their bags are delayed. 

American announced today that it was putting an end to the timeless tradition of waiting at the baggage carousel for bags that never show up.

The airline launched Customer Baggage Notification (CBN) system that notifies customers of the status their checked baggage if the bag is not on the same plane when they land at their destination.

The system provides three types of baggage notifications.

Early Baggage Arrival notices will be sent when a bag is delivered before the customer; Late Baggage Arrival – Go to the Baggage Service Office informs travelers that the bag hasn’t arrived and that they should see an agent; Late Baggage Arrival — Mobile Baggage Order notifies the customer to fill out a MBO, including the customer’s delivery details and a bag description to help expedite reuniting the customer with their items.

This isn’t the first time American has attempted to simplify the checked baggage process. Back in 2015, the airline launched real-time baggage tracking that allows customers to see just where their bag is — from the time it’s handed off at the check-in counter to its arrival on the carousel at the destination airport.

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