If You’ve Had Trouble Using The Internet Today, Here’s Why

Image courtesy of Down Detector

We’re getting a bit of deja vu over here in Consumerist-land: Four months after an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage apparently took down most of the internet, another huge hosting company had some issues this morning, making it difficult to access popular sites like CNN, Reddit, and the New York Times.

Fastly, a cloud hosting service, reports that it has resolved a “degraded performance” issue on its network, which supports the backend for sites such as Pinterest, Etsy, and others.

“Fastly is reporting a global event on our network at this time,” the company noted on its status page around , adding that multiple teams were responding and investigating the issue.

As a result, internet users on the East and West coasts of the U.S., and other densely populated areas around Chicago and in Florida, experienced issues in loading web sites, Down Detector showed.

BGR reports that users affected by the issue experienced failed load pages and other error messages when visiting affected sites, including Business Insider, Wired, and others.

One Etsy user noted on Down Detector that the site was down, “The website isn’t working at all. Every time I try to access it I get an error page.” Similar issues were posted on other sites.

For instance, one CNN user said that he received a “maximum threads” warning early Wednesday. Other noted the same “Error 503 Maximum threats for service reached.”

Just five minutes after addressing the issue, Fastly said it had identified the issue and was implementing a fix. About an hour later the incident was deemed to be resolved.

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