New Netflix App Tells You If Your Mobile Connection Is Fast Enough For Streaming

With more and more subscribers streaming video on their mobile devices, Netflix wants to ensure the content is coming through with the best quality possible by launching a mobile speed test app. 

Netflix unveiled the Fast Speed Test mobile app for iOS and Android devices on Wednesday, allowing users to see how fast their mobile Internet connection really is.

As with Netflix’s previously announced site that tests users’ computers, the app only focuses on download speeds, which determines the quality of video appearing on your screen.

The tests are conducted by downloading test files from Netflix’s network of Open Connect Applications and then displaying the overall result.

Netflix says both the website and the app were designed to be “easily used and understood by the majority of internet users, without requiring them to have any prior knowledge of computer networking, command line tools, and the like.”

This isn’t the first tool Netflix has launched that aims improve users’ insight and control over the service.

Earlier in May, the company launched a “Cellular Data Usage” setting within its iOS and Android apps that allows users to decide for themselves how much data they spend on movies and TV show viewing.

[via CNET]

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