Target Customer Takes Retailer To Court After Two-Ton Red Ball Crashes Into Car

Image courtesy of ABC-7

A New Jersey Target customer whose car was damaged after a red, two-ton cement ball came loose in front of a store is now taking the retailer to court because she says Target’s insurance company won’t pay to fix her vehicle.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, a quick refresher: In February, surveillance video was released showing a Nov. 2016 incident in which a two-ton red bollard — often used to mark the front of Target stores — being nudged by a pickup truck outside a Paramus, NJ, store.

The small bump caused the ball to break free and roll into traffic where it crashed into a vehicle. The ball, which was eventually rolled back to the store by three men, caused about $3,500 in damage.

At the time the footage was released, Target’s insurance company had recently rejected the woman’s claim to cover the damage.

Fast forward two months and the claim remains unpaid, leading the woman to sue the retailer. reports that the owner of the damaged car claims the retailer “knew or should have known” that the concrete balls could come loose, posing a hazard to those around it.

According to the lawsuit, Target failed to repair and maintain the bollard, leading the ball to “become and remain in a negligent, defective and dangerous condition.”

The woman claims in the lawsuit that the ball not only damaged her vehicle, but caused her physical injuries including pain, suffering, and anxiety. With the lawsuit she is seeking $100,000 in damages plus fees and costs.

A spokesperson for Target declined to provide comment on the lawsuit to, but said it would work directly with the customer.

ABC 7 has a full video of the November incident:

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