Lucky Charms Brings Back Marshmallow-Only Version, But You Can Already Make Your Own

Image courtesy of frankieleon

Have you been craving sugary, candy-colored, magical food items since the Unicorn Frappuccino went away? General Mills has some good news: In a promotion, it will be giving away thousands of Lucky Charms boxes that contain only dehydrated marshmallows, fulfilling a fantasy that many people have had while intoxicated. But getting one of these rare boxes of cereal won’t be as special as it was the first time — and there are much easier ways to eat a bowl of hard, candy-colored marshmallows.

You may remember that two years ago, a small pilot version of this promotion happened on social media, where people posted pictures using a specific hashtag, and ten of them won the special marshmallow-only boxes.

This time around, there’s a lot more of the marshmallow-only cereal to go around: 10,000 boxes to be exact. And it’s no longer a social media contest; instead boxes sold in stores will have codes that cereal eaters can enter on the contest site, giving them a chance to win one of the all-marshmallow boxes.

To conform with sweepstakes laws, you can also enter the contest without buying any cereal. You can find the rules to mail in a request for a free code on the sweepstakes rules page, and you’ll also be able to request a code online from Dec. 18 through Dec. 31, 2017.

You don’t need to bother with any of this, though. That’s because you can order more dehydrated and brightly colored marshmallows than a person can or should eat from Amazon, and you can do it right now. There’s a three-pound bag for $18.95, and a one-pound bag for $10.99. Keep in mind that the one-pound bag is a bit smaller than a bed pillow, because dehydrated marshmallows are very, very light.

Are these exactly the same as the boxes in the sweepstakes? No, they’re from different generic manufacturers. They aren’t in the same shapes as the brand-name product, but they’re still crunchy and extremely sugary, and may make you physically ill if you eat more than a handful.

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