Less Is More At Chili’s: Chain Cuts Menu By 40%

In a bid to avoid the continuously closing fate of chains like Joe’s Crab Shack, Outback Steakhouse, Bob Evans, and Logan’s Roadhouse, seminal restaurant chain Chili’s is downsizing — its menu, that is. [More]

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McDonald’s Phasing Out Artificial Flavors From Ice Cream

Now that McDonald’s is finally rolling out ice cream machines that work, the fast food giant is also improving the ice cream itself by removing artificial flavors. [More]


Decades Later, There Are Still 3 McDonald’s Serving Pizza In U.S.

Three decades ago, McDonald’s waded into Pizza Hut’s territory adding pizzas to the menu at thousands of stores. But after a brief affair with the cheesy pies, the fast food giant ditched the products — except for two locations, that is. [More]

McDonald’s Tries To Poach Sonic Fans With New Minute Maid ‘Slushies’

McDonald’s Tries To Poach Sonic Fans With New Minute Maid ‘Slushies’

McDonald’s is coming for you Sonic, or at least that appears to be the case with the fast food giant’s latest menu addition: slushies.  [More]

Why Can’t I Get Spicy Nuggets At Wendy’s Anymore?

Why Can’t I Get Spicy Nuggets At Wendy’s Anymore?

There are chicken nuggets and then there are spicy chicken nuggets, and if you’re a fan of the latter the former probably won’t suffice when you’ve got a hankering. Which is why we have bad news for those who prefer Wendy’s spicy nuggets: Your odds of finding your chosen nugget are dwindling. [More]


Customers Accuse Chipotle Of Lying About The Calories In Chorizo Burrito

Most people probably understand that the calorie counts on a fast food menu aren’t 100% precise, but an approximation of what you’d expect to consume. But there’s a big difference between being a few calories off and being off by hundreds of calories. [More]

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Some Menu Items Aren’t All They Appear To Be

Farm-raised, locally sourced, truffle oil, Kobe beef. These are just some of the terms you might come across the next time you sit down for a nice meal at a local restaurant. While these descriptions and names may equate themselves to high-quality, pricy meals, they might not be.  [More]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Goes After Fast Casual Competition With 15-Minute Lunch Guarantee

Strapped for time, but craving more than fast food drive-thru fare for lunch? While you once may not have had many options, the rise of fast casual restaurants offer a plethora of choices. Throwing its hat into the speedy lunch crowd is Buffalo Wild Wings, which unveiled a new 15-minute lunch guarantee this week.  [More]

McDonald’s Might Replace Dollar Menu With “McPick 2” Micro Menu

McDonald’s Might Replace Dollar Menu With “McPick 2” Micro Menu

From all-day breakfast to tests of a $4.99 build-your-own combo meal bag, McDonald’s has pulled out nearly all the stops when it comes to getting customers inside the Golden Arches. Today, the fast food giant announced its latest initiative, a new take on the Dollar Menu: “McPick 2.”  [More]

McDonald’s Expanding Mozzarella Sticks Nationwide In 2016

McDonald’s Expanding Mozzarella Sticks Nationwide In 2016

A little over a year ago, we pondered the age-old question: Will mozzarella sticks ever be a McDonald’s Dollar Menu item? We received a partial answer this June when the Golden Arches began pushing the hot cheese on susceptible Wisconsinites via a test of the “Lovin’ Value Menu” – you know, because that only makes sense. Well, now we know that those (maybe) glorious sticks of gooeyness are headed to a McD’s near you.  [More]

McDonald’s Testing Sweet Potato Fries In Texas

McDonald’s Testing Sweet Potato Fries In Texas

For about as long as we can remember, McDoanld’s has been known for their over salted French fries. While the staple item has undergone a few makeovers in the past – remember the shaken’ flavor seasoned fries? – the fast food giant is gearing up for perhaps its biggest starch transformation: adding sweet potato fries to the menu.  [More]

McDonald’s Franchisees Aren’t Lovin’ The All-Day Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s Franchisees Aren’t Lovin’ The All-Day Breakfast Menu

While consumers might be excited to have the opportunity to order brenner (breakfast for dinner) when visiting McDonald’s after a long day of work, that doesn’t mean the people cracking eggs and flipping sausage patties are excited. In fact, franchisees say the rollout of McDonald’s all-day breakfast has been less “lovin’ it,” and more nightmare.  [More]

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Next Up For McDonald’s Revamped Menu: McMuffins, Biscuits & Bagels With Real Butter

A month after McDonald’s officially beefed up its Quarter Pounder, the fast food giant is poised to make over a few other staples: the English muffin, bagel and biscuit, adding real butter to the ingredient list. [More]

Starbucks Takes Its Booze, Small Plates Menu To Two Dozen More Stores

Starbucks Takes Its Booze, Small Plates Menu To Two Dozen More Stores

Over the past several years, Starbucks has toyed with the idea of offering customers beverages with a bit more bitetesting an evening menu with booze and more substantial food than its typical bakery fare. Now, the company appears to be taking the plunge, announcing an expansion of its Evenings menu, which includes wine, craft beer and savory small plates. [More]


Panera Bread Dropping Nearly 150 Artificial Ingredients From Menu This Year

Panera Bread’s plan to remove food additives from its menu appears to be taking shape, with the restaurant announcing today that it plans to remove at least 150 artificial ingredients from its menu in the coming months. [More]

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McDonald’s Cuts Nine Items From Menu Including Chicken Sandwiches, Deluxe Quarter Pounder

Five months after McDonald’s announced it would cut eight menu items and narrow extra value meal options from 16 to 11 combinations, the fast food giant has finally started showing some of its less popular products the door. [More]

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McDonald’s Changing Grilled Chicken Recipe From 18 Ingredients To 12

McDonald’s is making yet another change to its menu. This time the company plans to simplify its chicken recipe by cutting out chemical-sounding ingredients that consumers might not recognize. [More]

A McDonald's ad earlier this year denounced kale, but new reports how the fast food giant may be adding the vegetable to its menu.

McDonald’s Reportedly Adding Kale To The Menu After Bashing The Vegetable Earlier This Year

McDonald’s latest attempt to transform itself into a “modern, progressive burger company” that can attract a younger consumer base apparently includes adding everyone’s (okay, maybe not everyone) favorite superfood to the menu: kale. [More]