UPDATED: Yahoo, AOL Brands To Be Part Of Verizon’s New ‘Oath’ Thing

UPDATE: Yahoo Finance is now reporting that the Yahoo brand will, in fact, not disappear but will instead exist under the bigger “Oath” umbrella.

Two of the last vestiges of the original internet boom will soon be lost to history. Verizon will soon shove Yahoo and AOL under one, new — and entirely forgettable — brand name: Oath.

Business Insider first reported that the name change will take place once Verizon finishes its billion-dollar acquisition of Yahoo’s core internet businesses and merges those assets with fellow dotcom bronze ager AOL, which Verizon acquired in 2015.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong then tweeted out what looks to be the logo for the venture:

Unless Verizon keeps the Yahoo name around in some other form, the once-huge brand will be lost to the ether.

Even the part of Yahoo that isn’t being sold — basically a shell company that owns a lot of Alibaba stock — is ditching the name. The company announced in a January Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it would change the name for the remaining company to Altaba.


Verizon’s road to purchasing Yahoo began last summer when the company was among a number of other tech giants to bid on the company’s assets. Verizon ultimately won with a $4.8 billion bid. That deal was reduced by $350 million in February after Yahoo was linked to two massive data breaches.

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