Crayola Decides To Weed ‘Dandelion’ Hue From Its Crayon Garden

Image courtesy of ebay

Although Crayola was originally set to announce which shade it would be dropping from its crayon collection on Friday, the company decided to speed up the news and let the world know today that it is yanking Dandelion yellow from the box.

In an announcement on Twitter, the company anthropomorphizes the hue, calling it an “adventurous spirit” who had a case of wanderlust and decided to announce his retirement early. A Crayola spokesperson tells Consumerist the color has been available for 27 years, and part of the 24-count box for the last 18.

You’ll still have to wait to find out which shade will be replacing Dandelion — as a box of 24 crayons should contain 24 different colors, after all — as the company says it’s announcing the “color family” of the new crayon tomorrow at an event in Times Square.

(Update 3/31: Crayola says the replacement color will be “in the blue family.”)

This moves means Dandelion will never be available again — in any box — so if you’re in love with it, you’ll have to buy crayons that are on shelves now. Or you could just buy a crapload of them in bulk online.

While Crayola retired eight colors from its overall roster in 1990 (RIP Green Blue, Orange Red, Orange Yellow, Violet Blue, Maize, Lemon Yellow, Blue Gray, and Raw Umber) and another four (Blizzard Blue, Magic Mint, Teal Blue, and Mulberry) as part of its 2003 Save the Shade contest (Burnt Sienna was given a reprieve) this is the first the first time the company is retiring a color it included in its 24-count box.

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