Disney Raising Park Ticket Prices During Peak Times, Adding Expiration Dates

Image courtesy of frankieleon.

A little less than a year after Walt Disney Co. implemented its new surge pricing system at its U.S. parks, the company has raised one-day ticket prices during the busiest days of the year. All tickets will now come with expiration dates as well.

As of Feb. 12, prices for one-day tickets either stayed the same or went up no more than $5 with a new pricing structure, reports the Associated Press.

The change is the result of a 5% decline in attendance at its theme parks in the most recent — and most important — quarter, which included the holiday season.

The demand pricing structure is meant to lure visitors who are willing to come during off-peak times and in exchange, pay less than they would when everyone else is going. That way, parks aren’t so crowded and everyone has more fun, Disney says.

“Our pricing provides guests a range of options that allow us to better manage demand to maximize the guest experience and is reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all of our parks,” a Disney spokeswoman said in a statement.

Every ticket now also comes with an expiration date, whereas previously only one-day and Florida resident tickets expired.

Here’s how the one-day ticket prices break down:

Park Previous “Value” Price New “Value” Price Previous “Regular” Price New “Regular” Price Previous “Peak” Price New “Peak” Price
Magic Kingdom $105 (Ages 10+); $99 (kids) $107 (Ages 10+); $101 (kids) $110 (Ages 10+); $104 (kids) $115 (Ages 10+); $109 (kids) $124 (Ages 10+); $118 (kids) $124 (Ages 10+); $118 (kids)
Disneyland $95 (Ages 10+); $89 (kids) $97 (Ages 10+); $91 (kids) $105 (Ages 10+); $99 (kids) $110 (Ages 10+); $104 (kids) $119 ((Ages 10+); $113 (kids) $124 (Ages 10+); $118 (kids)
Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom $97 (Ages 10+); $91 (kids) $99 (Ages 10+); $93 (kids) $102 (Ages 10+); $96 (kids) $107 (Ages 10+); $101 (kids) $114 (Ages 10+); $108 (kids) $119 (Ages 10+); $113 (kids)


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