You Can Live Your Best Hermit Life In The Grey Gardens House For Just $20M

Image courtesy of Corcoran

Kick the cats out of bed and dust off your best Little Edie dance moves, folks! The Grey Gardens house — home to the famously reclusive mother-daughter Beale duo — is on the market for the bargain price of just under $20 million. That could buy a lot of cat/raccoon food.

The 120-year-old, seven-bedroom, six-and-half-bathroom house in East Hampton, NY, comes with a tennis court and a pool, as well as a starring credit in the eponymous 1975 documentary by brothers Albert and David Maysles.

Grey Gardens looked into the lives of the women who lived there in abject squalor for many years: Edith Bouvier Beale was an aunt to Jacqueline Kennedy, while her daughter Edith was her first cousin. Their eccentric lifestyle was also portrayed in the 2009 HBO movie of the same name starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

(And by “eccentric,” of course we mean, “being okay with cats urinating on your portrait” and “feeding the raccoons that live in your attic.”)

Grey Gardens also happens to be the inspiration for Sandy Passages, our favorite episode of Documentary Now:

Seller and journalist Sally Quinn said she and her husband, longtime Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, purchased the home for roughly $220,000 in 1979, reports The Wall Street Journal, two years after Big Edie passed away.

The house is currently listed by Corcoran for $19.95 million, which means the Consumerist team has some work to do if we want to scrape together enough money for that staff summer home we’ve been wanting.

(h/t Rolling Stone)

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