Verizon Kicking Another Round Of Data Hogs Off Grandfathered Unlimited Plans

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Back in July, Verizon made a move to limit its remaining unlimited data customers, telling them to switch to a limited plan or have their lines disconnected. Now, inside sources report that another round of cuts is underway, this time booting customers who use 200 GB or more in mobile data every month.

Droid Life learned that a fresh round of letters telling customers to choose a limited plan or hit the road started to go out last week, with this batch targeting what the company calls the “small number” of customers who use that much data on a monthly basis. Employees first reported the letters, and Verizon confirmed that it was happening.

It’s easy to see why Verizon would want these data hogs off the network: it offered unlimited data plans at a time when mobile data speeds were lower and smartphones were just catching on. Today, Verizon charges customers $450 for a plan that allows 100 GB of use per month.

Verizon remains in a battle of wills with its few remaining unlimited customers. Since the carrier discontinued the plan, customers who wanted to keep their unlimited plans have purchased their own devices at full price until Verizon did away with device subsidies.

They faced a $20 bill hike in 2015 for their plans, but some customers are still holding on. And using hundreds of gigabytes of data, apparently.

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